High Speed Internet
High-Speed internet access just right for your business.
ASANET provides complete Internet Access using Dial up, ISDN, frame relay and dedicated point to point circuits. We have high speed dedicated links to the Internet Backbone. We provide excellent technical support and consulting services to enable our users to get connected to the Internet easily.
We can design specialized internet access solution for your business(es) in one or more locations securely and conveniently.
Standard Features:
  • Unlimited Usage
  • We can provide static IP addresses for you host your own services or dynamic IP addressing for ease of configuration
  • Internet router to enable access to internet from anywhere in your LAN
  • Allows many PCs to share a single Internet connection.
  • As many individual e-mail accounts as you need with 10/20/40Mb server storage per mailbox
  • Primary and secondary Domain Name Service provided by ASANet
  • 24 X 7 support

We offer several choices:


    For Businesses With...
    128Kbps Single or multiple users who send and receive occassional large files, including graphics.

    256Kbps - 512Kbps Users who use a lot of file transferes including multimedia. Also recommended for LAN connections with 20 or more users.

    768kbps - T-1 (1.54Mbps) Many users who utilize the Internet extensively, and send multiple large files, including multimedia. Also suited for hosting dedicated services.


    No phone lines required

    "Always On" Internet access

    Range of high speed service options available

    No busy signals, re-dialing, or dropped connections

For more information about ASANet High Speed Internet,
please contact us at 1-877-3-ASANet (327-2638).